Upcoming meetings:

​Happy Labor Day to all.
We have had our summer break and hopefully everyone is refreshed and energized for our work in the upcoming months. Our next meeting is September 12th @ 6 PM at the Brickhouse Lounge. We are hosting a panel on flooding and resilient communities. 
Panelists include: Jaime McCauley PhD, Assistant Professor of Sociology at CCU; Jasmine Gil, Community Outreach Coordinator, Coastal Conservation League and Courtney Kain, Director, Horry County Community Development.
Please join us for this important discussion.

​Gallivants Ferry Stump September 15Th @ 5pm. See event tab for details!

Franklin D.  Roosevelt

That's right; we're here, too!


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"There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still."

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Hi! We're South Enders Democrats, all residents of southern Horry County, and we're committed to growing our party at the local, state and national level.  We meet monthly, every 2nd Thursday at 6pm at the Brickhouse Lounge next to Surfside Bowl on 17 Business in Surfside Beach.  

We do WAY more than that, though; we network at local festivals and work with other Democratic clubs, the county and state Democratic party and local, state and national Democratic candidates to help them win seats so that OUR values are represented!

We also roll up our sleeves and work to make our part of Horry County a better community to live in - with our adopt-a-highway program and partnerships with domestic violence advocates, advancing women's and minority causes and working with local unions, the LGBT community and other like-minded organizations to make ours a better world to live in.